Isotop Fellesatelier er et artist-run kollektivstudio i sentrum av Bergen, Norge. ︎

For tiden huser vi 29 kunstnere i studioene våre, driver et prosjektrom og velutstyrte trykk- og treverksteder. Fellesatelieret har eksistert siden 2003, og i 2016 flyttet vi inn i nye lokaler i Magnus Barfots gate 25, slik at vi kunne utvide ressursene til kunstnerne i huset og for byen.

Isotop Fellesatelier jobber for en mangfoldig og støttende kunstscene i Bergen. Inngangen til prosjektrommet vårt, som holder arrangementer og utstillinger, er tilgjengelig fra gatenivå, og toaletten vår er kjønnsnøytrale.

Hjertelig velkommen!

Isotop Fellesatelier is an artist-run collective studio in the center of Bergen, Norway. ︎

At present we house 29 artists in our studios, run a project space and well equipped print and wood workshops. The studio collective has existed since 2003 and in 2016 we moved into new premises in Magnus Barfots gate 25, allowing us to grow our resources for the artists in house and for the city.

Isotop Fellesatelier works for a diverse and supportive art scene in Bergen. Entrance to our Project room, which holds events and exhibitions, is accessible from street level and our toilets are gender neutral.

Very welcome!

Working Board Members:
︎Hanna Pherson (She/her)
︎Rune Werner Molnes (he/him)

Support Board Members:
︎Amani Al-Kidwa
︎Viktorija Semjonova
︎Lexy Liangzi Xiao

Duty of care

To reduce the risk of abuse and unwanted behaviour, Isotop has developed guidelines that everyone in and related to Isotop is expected to follow.

The purpose of the guidelines is to protect everyone in or working with the organisation from harassment. The rules are not intended to regulate what good people do, as long as it is desired by both parties and does not affect others in the environment.

︎We are aware of power relations and risk factors for abuse of power.
︎We are aware of what can constitute sexual harassment and discrimination, and avoid trampling on the boundaries of others.
︎We are aware of role understanding, power and boundaries when we work with others.
︎The individual studio member must exercise great care not to abuse the power they possess.
︎We are aware of how jokes, humour and compliments can be perceived differently and are careful about using nicknames on others, and commenting on the appearance of others.
︎Group-based insults should not be used in our workplace.
︎We avoid attributing characteristics to people because of gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability to function, skin colour, age, cultural and religious affiliation.
︎We have a conscious relationship with alcohol consumption in work-related settings.
︎We have a zero-tolerance policy on racism, harassment and bullying and on discrimination based on gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, religion or income.

Anyone who experiences unwanted behaviour can send a written or oral notification to one of the following notification contacts. Complaints can be made anonymously.

Hanna Pherson, Board member: hannapherson@live.se

︎ isotopfellesatelier@gmail.com

︎ Magnus Barfots gate 25, Bergen, Norway