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Open Thu 6. - 8. Jun at 12.00-16.00

“Do you realise," the phytolinguist will say to the aesthetic critic, "that they couldn't even read Eggplant?" And they will smile at our ignorance, as they pick up their rucksacks and hike on up to read the newly deciphered lyrics of the lichen on the north face of Pike's Peak.

-Ursula K Le Guin, from 'The Author of the Acacia Seeds' and Other Extracts from the Journal of the Association of Therolinguistics'.


Through a webcam on the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)'s website, you can watch a section of the antennas at the Very Large Array (VLA) work together in a wye-form, three long arms of nine telescopes, each observe, communicate and gather data through frequency band receivers in search of astro-objects, radio sources, extraterrestrials (or attempt of) and so on. Elsewhere, an insect wanders around on top of a Taraxacum flower, you know this by monitoring data from a radio-antenna attached to the insect's thorax, you know its immediate terrain, vegetation, temperature, humidity and whether it is ok. If insects are consciouse, can feel and therefor suffer shouldn’t we question and protect them in science?

Concurrently a fruit bat hangs from some long vegetation holding a fruit with its foot, while it meets your eyes or gazes out towards the horizon -they form strong, long-term friendships and can recognize their close friends by their vocal sound. Though, you may be aware and know a lot about bats, as an excerpt from an Attenborough documentary, there are nonetheless subjective perspectives only known to the bat, we may therefor not actually know what it would be like to be a bat, as Thomas Nagels argues in the paper 'What Is It Like to Be a Bat?'.

In'Frseeeeeeeefronnnng', artists Hanna Pherson and Helle Kongstad Holm Petersen work connected from a curious perspective to explore different forms of being and communication: waves, frequencies, antennal-language, non-communication.

They delve into questions of zoo-gaze, anthropocentric ethics, reductionist science and surveillance.


Hanna Pherson (b. 1993, Sweden) is an artist with a background in craft and performance. She creates installations and objects that examine everyday experiences and the boundary between public and private. In Pherson's work she touches on themes related to human estrangement from nature and the environment, as well as the relationship between the synthetic and the natural world. Through materials she builds backdrops in spatiality - an alternative dream world of an animated version of nature that encourages the viewer to reconsider their relationship to the outside world.

Helle Kongstad Holm Petersen (she/her, b. 1994, Denmark) works with a speculative fiction and (soft)sci-fi narrative, gathering from areas such as zoology, botany, ufology, and (science)research. She works with, and in the intersection of, ‘human >< non-human’ relationships, in relation to ‘otherness’ and ‘togetherness’ in being and in being earthbound, from where she addresses the contemporary connectedness of nature >< culture and natur >< technology, about exploitative behavior; ’valuable’ and ‘useful', as well as other forms of communication; tele-communication, antennal-language, frequency, ways of translation etc.

She attempts to integrate others speculative thoughts and work, in a fluid process, where something engulfs something else, in her work, through sculpture, sound, print, collage and text.

Upcoming Exhibitions 2024

Hosting Infrastructure
Fergus Tibbs 
2024 (dates tbc)

Painting in the expanded field
Sarah Ryder

2024 (dates tbc)

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Drawing Club
Viktorija Semjonova

Upcoming drawing clubs

Saturday 27. Jan - 11.00-13.30
Thursday 29. Feb - 18.00-20.30

Contact hello@viktorijaillustration.com for more information

Bergen Akt og Kroki - WEEKLY

Mondays at kl 18.00 - 21.00
Doors open 17.50

Bergen Akt & Kroki holds weekly drop in drawing sessions with a live model, open to professionals & amateurs.
For more info see: www.facebook.com/Bergen-Akt-og-Kroki-108683831645415


Veronika Öberg, Mattias Hellberg, Henna Ner, Mila Elisabeth Larvoll, Laura Bus, Ida Christina Mårdhed // MISS MOTH
Fri 26. - Sun 28. Apr 2024

Frank A. Unger
Fri 22. - Sun 24. Mar 2024

Rune Werner Molnes
Thursday 30. Nov – Sunday 3. Dec 2023

Viktorija Semjonova
Torsdag 23. Nov - Søndag 26. Nov 2023

A Warm Gray Fabric Lined On The Inside With The Most Lustrous And Colorful Of Silks! 
Eleni Ieremia
Onsdag 1. Nov - Lørdag 5. Nov

Ananda Serné (with Kristen Keegan and Eira Søyseth), Hamid Waheed and gentian rhosa
Lørdag 21. Okt
Produced for Isotop Fellesatelier by artist and curator Alex Hamish Millar. Supported by Arts Council Norway.

B-Open 2023

Open studios and group exhibition from studio members Amani Al-Kidwa, Birgit Brühl Studio, Daniel-in Heggelund, Eleni Ieremia, Lexy Liangzi Xiao, Luke Drozd, LUOM (Luke Drozd and Omar Johnsen), Sara Guttormsen, Simen Skaarup, Solvor Holan, Rune Werner Molnes, Torild Stray and Viktorija Semjonova.
Lørdag 23. Sept 2023

In the Flesh
An exhibition of new paintings by Torild Stray
Thursday June 8th - June 12th


Ewa Lorenc og Maria Helena K. Nerhus
Tirsdag 2. mai, 2023
Kl.18:00 – 19:00

Sofie Hvid Vinther
4-5 og 10-12 feb 2023

Spoon carving workshop
Amber Ablett
9th February 2023

Members Exhibition
8 - 11 desember 2022

We're Here: We're Queer - WILD THINGZ @ ISOTOP
Lise Carlsen, Courtney Coombs, Nina Eriksson, Henna Nerg, Mina Paasche, and Tobias Valentin

20-27 November, 2022

Isotop workshop series
Andrea Urstad Toft, Kim Diaz Holm, Håvard Legreid and Amber Ablett
Workshops in photogram, ink illustration, digital illustration and carving.
Autumn 2022

In Search of the Receptionists of The Genetic Salon
Bobby Yu Shuk Pui
29 October - 6 November

Spoon carving workshop
Amber Ablett
27th October 2022

Meus Caros Amigos – part IV
Nayara Leite
20 - 23 oktober 2022

Eli Mai Huang Nesse
24. september - 2. oktober 2022

Tine Adler, Nayara Leite, Sigrid Lerche, Derek Sargent.
16 - 25 september 2022

Introduction to silk screen workshop with artist and designer Siv Støldal.
Sunday 18th September, kl 1300 - 1600

The Box aka Collections and the Thingness of Stuff or I Am Not a Collector
Luke Drozd
16 - 18 September 2022

Fra Leire til Lyd (From Clay to Music)
Elever fra Bergen Kulturskole og Øyvind Skarbø
27 august - 10 september 2022

Kutta av
Maria Helena K. Nerhus
12 - 17 august

ANIMISMS Film Festival
25th June 2022

huggers and gropers 
Ingrid Forland
10 - 19 juni 2022

Spoon carving workshops
Amber Ablett
April, May, June 2022

all overgrown by cunning moss
Alex Hamish Millar
1 - 14 april 2022

Happy Man
Robert Carter
25 feb - 6 mars 2022

The Grave Project (Skeiv Norge)
Derek Sargent & Jess Miley
25 - 27 februar 2022

Isotop Medlemsutstilling
4 - 11 desember 2021

B Open
25 - 26 september 2021

Workshop Open day
12 juni 2021

Samuel Brzeski and Robin Everett
18 - 20 september 2020

Landships and Ownerscapes
Sara Nielsen Bonde & Sidsel Bonde
6 - 8 mars 2020

Fanzinekveld de Amore
presentert av Pamflett & Kiosken & Eira Søyseth
14 februar 2020

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